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About Us

Be Ohio Proud.

My name is Danny and Ohio is my Home.  I love where I'm from, and as I get older, I grow more and more proud to have grown up here… The Heart of it All. I believe this is more than a slogan. It represents the confidence, purity, strength and love for others that is written into the DNA of this community. We at Be Ohio Proud hope our products can capture and manifest those same sentiments in you.

We feel a strong calling to "Grow Love."  By creating simple, beautiful designs that uplift where you're from, we give you a way to show love for this great state.  The more we love our state, the more we are showing love for each other.  We may just make apparel and gifts, but we truly believe we are doing much more than that.  We are GROWING LOVE.

Thank you for getting behind this mission!

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